King Krule十七歲大哂


前幾日看到之前寫過的London十七歲男孩Zoo Kid,原來現已用另一名字King Krule來闖江湖,並剛在美國進行first gig,哇,十七歲;然後再在英國巡遊。

我只能說,佢呢個死o靚仔Archy Marshall真係不得了,talented到爆炸。出生於一個父母均在創意工業工作的佢話自己八歲開始就做歌,你話真係唔係講笑。佢仲話自己從未學過音樂,咁樣答︰

AM: When I was eight as well. I never got lessons. I took influence from Chet Baker, Ian Dury, and Joe Strummer. I don’t hear my voice and think, “Yeah, that’s a banging voice!” It’s more about putting the right emotions into the right words and the lyrics than anything else to me.

哇,Chet Baker, Ian Dury, and Joe Strummer唔怪知得你玩得出一首《Out Getting Ribs》好聽又極度低沉傷感具情感爆發力的作品。最新單曲《The Noose of Jah Cit》一樣好聽到痺,加入中板鼓聲及電子trippy tone,由傷感變得迷幻愜意一點,噢,難怪你可以咁形容主流音樂

“I didn’t really care about anyone else liking it because the mainstream music that everyone likes is shit anyway,”


I’ve never been a real big fan of capitalism. I’ve studied quite a lot of Marxist theory. I’m still quite confused about it, to be honest, but I just like learning about all of it. Knowledge is power.

唔,好,King Krule,你好野。

King Krule- The Noose of Jah City by truepanther

就係呢一日,再見,Manics;但聽返The The!

可謂是威爾斯的鎮國之寶的Manic Street Preachers宣佈會休息一會,以翻唱The The經典《This is The Day》作告別,Well, 坦白說,本人十分喜歡Manics的,但這個cover又確實真係十分行加真係有d 強姦感覺。不過咁,你地暫別,我都希望你地會返來同有個更有心的come back, cheerio! 但播The The 版本的《This is The Day》,賣飛佛!



Stab me in your own time in Scandinavia.
Uncomplaining I’d die in Scandinavia.


當然,記起My Little Airport的《北歐是我們的死亡終站》。


Crime in Trondheim;
I despise each syllable in “Scandinavia”.
Let the people burn,
Let their children cry and die in blind asylum.

But then you came along,
And you held out your hand,
And I fell in love with you and Scandinavia.

I kiss the soil,
I hug the soil,
I would eat the soil,
And I praise the god who made you.

Stab me in your own time in Scandinavia.
Uncomplaining I’d die in Scandinavia.


從來喜歡睇Morrissey的訪問,佢講野直接大膽,真真正正有果句講果句;亦勁在佢講野真係有佢的想法及不是瘋人瘋語,雖然每次本人都不甚認同,但至少我都睇得開心。但估唔到原來Morrissey都會冇唱片合約,他剛接受Pitchfork訪問,原來佢新碟已寫好,只待有唱片公司肯畀錢錄佢地,唱片便成事。其中佢談及internet如何破壞music industry,另一點搞笑非常的係佢點樣寫U2

“U2 have an enormous Star Wars set with drumsticks that light up northern Africa, and a sound system that would drown out an earthquake. I can’t compete with that.”


Morrissey Talks Label Troubles, Glastonbury

Patrick Wolf深情款款唱我愛我的城市我的家


英國一向閃閃發光的queer Singer-songwriter Patrick Wolf從來不盡得我心,因為總覺得太pop 太直接,不是我杯茶。怎知近半年在電台上不斷聽到他的新單曲,反而終於被打動。先是《The City》的”Don’t let the city destroy our love”,起初還覺得其實是與保育及與強權抗衡有關;到《House》的”I love my house I love my house, gives me the greatest peace I’ve ever known.”,以物當人予以情,實在可愛。原來這位廿七歲男孩將會與其男朋友結婚,幸福開心的佢就將【Lupercalia】的專輯變為歌頌戀愛的專輯。聽罷,我就還是喜歡佢的醒神singles 多於side tracks 了。

Pulp it!重溫Pulp


真係唔記得我幾時迷上Pulp,或是Jarvis Cocker 了。我真的記不得。Brit Pop 年代我真正迷迷迷的應該都係Pulp。我諗,來自Sheffield呢個小城市的他們是特別有一種quirky 及草根味,所以才能解釋為何有《Common people》的出現吧。(在訪問中,Jarvis Cocker 說歌曲的靈感其實是他當時的一位女同學,是一個富家女兒,卻跟他說想成為common people ⋯⋯)

很多人不知道其實Pulp 早於七十年代尾已成立,亦不知道其實Jarvis Cocker 係六三年出世,以為Pulp 與Oasis 及Blur 都是同期。而大家普遍認識的Pulp 都係由【His ‘n’ Hers 】開始,或者甚至係 【Different Class】。唔,趁Pulp重組演出,我們是時候懷舊,當然,Jarvis都明白,所以Pulp 將會Reissue 一直冇乜人提同識的首三張專輯【It】、【Freaks】及【Separations 】。

遠自1983年,Pulp 的Debut【It】是出奇地被認為受Leonard Cohen 影響的一張laid-back、淸新專輯。搵了一陣子youtube都找不到他們現場唱當中的歌曲,唯有聽《Wishful Thinking》的The Peel Sessions version。

當然,重讀他們的wiki page,以下是Pulp 的奇事分享︰

一,Jarvis Cocker 為追女仔扮蜘蛛俠跌落街

in November 1985, Cocker fell out of a window while trying to impress a girl with a Spider-Man impression and ended up in hospital, temporarily requiring the use of an wheelchair in which he appeared during concerts.

二,Jarvis 曾讀電影,在第二張唱片推出之後,

This led to him leaving for London to study film at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, effectively folding the band.

三,Jarvis 曽在Brit Awards踩MJ 台,然後被拉,有興趣朋友可看TFI Friday Interview。十多年後在電視節目Question Time上重提此事時更串串地說,he invented Moonwalk。

It was at this time that Cocker gained significant media exposure due to an notorious prank at the 1996 BRIT Awards, where he invaded the stage in protest during pop singer Michael Jackson’s performance of “Earth Song” and “wiggled his backside” at the audience. After complaints by Jackson and his entourage, Cocker spent the night in Kensington Police Station charged with actual bodily harm and assaulting the child performers. However, with British comedian and former solicitor Bob Mortimer acting as legal representation, he was released without charge.[21] This incident propelled Cocker into great controversy in the UK and elsewhere, and Pulp’s record sales soared as a result. The event also coincided with the beginning of their first arena tour and the Daily Mirror, who had attacked the band months earlier, set up a “Justice for Jarvis” campaign backing his actions and carried out a stunt at Pulp’s Sheffield Arena gig on 29 February, handing out free T-shirts. The NME described Cocker’s actions as a “great publicity stunt” which was “creative, subversive and very, very funny”,[22] while Melody Maker described Cocker as, “arguably the Fifth Most Famous Man In Britain”[23] and suggested he should be knighted.


In March 1996, a compilation of Pulp’s early recordings on Fire Records entitled Countdown 1992–1983 was released on the Nectar Masters label. It received largely negative reviews, but due to the band’s popularity at the time it reached the top 10 of the UK charts. Cocker, who’s permission was not sought before release, urged fans not to purchase the album, comparing it to “a garish old family photograph album”.[23]




年少不懂事或會覺得某電影或小說劇情太戲劇化,或所謂dramatic;人愈大則覺得其實人生更dramatic 。或者真人真事與電影都是互相影響的,當你發現人生可以比戲劇更dramatic時,其實人生真係離奇過小說。

又來到老歌系列,忽然間聽到一九六九年又是來自蘇格蘭的The Marmalade 的《Reflections Of My Life》這首歌,哼,勁呢,近日知道原來當年Radiohead的《Creep》原來曽被BBC 1blacklist 過,原因係太消極。咁呢首呢?

All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
Take me back to my own home
All my cryings (all my cryings), feel I’m dying, dying
Take me back to my own home (oh I’m going home)

這就是我人生的反映,灰到呢?既然咁灰,不如死左去?唔得,最應棒一句其實係「But I dont wanna die 」,人生有多無奈才會有這樣子的想法。

不過其實想當年真係好多呢類型以The Beatles來作藍本的樂團。想當年原來溫拿亦翻唱過。

The Marmalade – The Reflections of my life

The changing of sunlight to moonlight
Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes
The greetings of people in trouble
Reflections of my life, oh, how they fill my eyes

All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
Take me back to my own home
All my cryings (all my cryings), feel I’m dying, dying
Take me back to my own home (oh I’m going home)

I’m changing, arranging, I’m changing
I’m changing everything, ah, everything around me

The world is a bad place, a bad place
A terrible place to live, oh, but I don’t wanna die

All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
Take me back, to my old home
All my cryings, (all my cryings), feel I’m dying, dying
Take me back to my old home (I’m going home)

All my sorrows, sad tomorrows
Take me back, (take me back) to my old home